Westlife Wednesday: Swear it Again

To celebrate the recent Westlife reunion, I have decided to share my favourite songs from the band, here at the blog, over the next month or so every Wednesday.

Their first song that I will be sharing is their very first single from their very first album, Swear it Again. I remember instantly falling in love with the melody of the song, the piano intro and Shane’s emotional vocals. This song marked the beginning for the band and I feel they bought true romance (from a male perspective) back into pop music.

Shane has sung the majority of the song and he already showed a high level of sincerity in his strong vocals. Mark provided some variation by singing the higher parts of the romantic song, in a more embellished and dramatic manner, and this singing combination is something we are treated to in their future songs as well.

I remember finding out much much later, that there were actually 2 videos for Swear it Again (they released a different one in the US). According to Wikipedia “This (Swear it Again) is the best-selling debut single of all-time from an Irish citizen. It peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart for two weeks in May 1999.”

So its now time to take a trip back down memory lane to the end of the 1990’s to enjoy the melodious Swear it Again. Enjoy both videos of this classic Westlife song and let me know if this is one of your favourites too!

Swear it Again – UK video

Swear it Again – US video

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