Favourite Golden Oldie song: Crush by Jennifer Page

In my favourite golden oldie monthly song series, I decided to switch things up last month, by choosing one of my favourite albums (Talk on Corners) and for this month, I am sticking to Western music with a major throwback to a hugely popular 1990’s superhit song Crush by Jennifer Page.

Now without going into too much detail about why I remembered this song this month, I have always loved listening to it, since it released, to hearing it being regularly played at various shops in my local shopping centre even today. To me, Crush is a “perfect song cadence” as its melody flows from start to finish, and there are no noticeable key changes or rhythm changes that can disrupt the flow.

Jennifer has a very husky and melodious voice and can easily be compared to singers like Mariah Carey as her vocals have a lot of variation in them. Crush is based on a relatable romantic subject which many people would have experienced in their lives and this is definitely what added to the songs immense popularity.

I have been fortunate enough to interact with Jennifer at Twitter (you can follow her @jenniferpaige1) and I was very happy to learn that she continued to make good music having released her latest album Starflower (which I will be listening to soon) only last year.

Refresh your memories with Jennifer’s worldwide hit Crush, as this month’s favourite golden oldie song.

Crush – Jennifer Page

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