Westlife Wednesday: Flying Without Wings

This week’s Westlife Wednesday features their next big hit Flying Without Wings – a song that means so much to so many people.

Flying Without Wings released in 1999 and became the third biggest selling single for Westlife, according to Wikipedia. The video of the song depicts its meaning very well. Shane and Mark are the main singers on the track with Bryan, Nicky and Kian on the backing vocals. While Shane’s vocals have the correct emotional force, its Mark’s voice that truly elevates the song to another level.

While some may think this song is a quintessential boyband song, I beg to differ as I find the emotions in the song very mature (the song has been written and composed by Steve Mac and Wayne Hector) and it has been beautifully executed.

Everybody’s looking for that something..One thing that makes it all complete… Relive the magic of Flying Without Wings by Westlife, only on Westlife Wednesday.

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