Westlife Wednesday: What Makes A Man

This weeks Westlife Wednesday song is the romantic ballad What Makes a Man. I was going to choose a song in sequence of albums, but this one features higher on my list of favourites so had to mention it this week. What Makes a Man features on the bands second album Coast to Coast, and was the third single to release from the album.

I remember the song releasing around Christmas time and its solid piano intro made me love it instantly (also not forgetting the fact that I was already a major fangirl of the band at the time). I always thought the title of the song was a bit of an odd one as it doesn’t easily give the meaning of the song away. I loved the song so much so I bought the CD single (who remembers those? version of it from music store MVC. The song is questioning the reasons of a break up and has highly emotional vocals from Shane and Mark once again. The backing vocals by Bryan, Kian and Nicky are equally strong and the combination makes this song a powerful boyband ballad.

Enjoy this weeks Westlife Wednesday!

What Makes a Man – Westlife

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