Performing in the MHFA England Christmas choir

On Thursday last week, I got the chance to perform in the MHFA England Christmas choir at our office Christmas party!

If you read my previous life update about singing in the choir, you will have read that we had one rehearsal that week, and after that, we had 3 more rehearsals: 2 were in meeting rooms and one was out in the middle of the street which ended up being a lot of fun, as we had some passers-by join us too!

The line up of the actual choir kept changing and we lost some of the original members, but thankfully gained some new ones. However, it was the same core members of the group, that turned up to each and every rehearsal. I also bought my trusty little KitSound Bluetooth speaker to each rehearsal and used it for my individual singing practice too.

The three Christmas songs that we performed were Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and So Here It Is Merry Christmas (the last of which was my suggestion  and replaced our original choice of Sleigh Bells). We performed at 4pm after our Christmas lunch, and we had a quick soundcheck before hand. We received an overwhelming round of applause after each song, from our wonderful colleagues and I know that this inspired us to perform even better, each time. I would like to give a special thank you to my choir buddies (you all know who you are!) for letting me be a part of such a wonderful musical experience.

It truly was a fantastic experience, taking part in an office Choir and it was also a very good way for some of us to connect with each other through music. My wonderful colleague Dawn Wood very kindly took these pics of us (we were split into two groups). I am truly grateful to have been able to mix music with the corporate world and I look forward to the next opportunity where I will be able to do the same again.

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