Favourite golden oldie song: Open Your Heart by Madonna

This months favourite golden oldie song is a tribute to one of my most favourite female artists and I have recently been re-listening to her back catalogue when I rediscovered this classic song. I am talking about the one and only Madonna, and the song Open Your Heart.

There truly aren’t enough words to describe just how much of an inspiration Madonna is to me and many other females (in and out) of the music industry. Her awe inspiring confidence and ability to say what and how she feels about anything, will always be something that I admire. Her kind spirit, and warm heartedness will always be remembered. She is multi-talented on many levels and her songs from the 1980’s will always be some of my favourites and Open Your Heart is one of them.

Open Your Heart has a very strong melody, an impactful bass and Madonna’s powerful vocals which make a perfect melodious combination. The lyrics reflect a sense of yearning for someone you like, and trying to get their attention and this yearning can clearly be heard in her vocals. I have noticed how the song starts of low and builds up (to emphasise the point), until it reaches the chorus. My favourite part of the song is ‘Don’t try to run I can keep up with you…’ as I feel she has sung that part with utmost sincerity and true conviction.

The video of the song is slightly provocative as it features a different subject altogether and doesn’t entirely follow the story described in the song, but is still a masterpiece in itself, as it showcases Madonna not just as a singer but as a dancer and performer too and is one of the best music videos from the 1980’s. To cater for all audiences, I have chosen to share the audio only, from The Immaculate Collection (the song originally featured on the True Blue album) as well as the extended 10 minute version of Open Your Heart which is a real treat for anyone who loves the music and vocals in the song as much as I do. Long live the Queen: Madonna, we love you!

Open Your Heart – Madonna

Open Your Heart – Extended version

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