New Music Monday: My review of the new Westlife single Hello My Love

We are still in the first month of the year, and what a better way to start the new year than with a brand new New Music Monday which features a release from one of my favourite bands who recently reunited: Westlife!

Westlife are my first and favourite boyband, and they are not only back together, but have recently released a brand new single titled Hello My Love. To celebrate their reunion, I had shared some of their hit songs throughout November in a mini series called Westlife Wednesday, and now, I am so happy to share their brand new single. Hello My Love has already crossed 1 million views at YouTube in just 2 days, and is also already number 1 in the charts! What a comeback boys!

Hello My Love by Westlife

I am pleasantly surprised by the sound and lyrics of their new single, as it is not only a mature, modern song, but it is also different to their original work that we all love so much. I love the upbeat tempo, happy vibes the song has and the lyrics make me feel like the song has been written for/is dedicated to each of the boys real life partners And now I found someone with all the boxes that I want ticked ‘Cause your love is all I ever wanted…Set my heart on fire, I needed something…This is all I wanted to be, you and I…

Having grown up listening to the band (and seeing them perform live in concert twice) I can’t help but feel heart warmed when seeing them in the accompanying video of Hello My Love. Not only do they sound exactly the same but they have also stood the test of time with each of the 4 looking amazing in the video. I love the colourful hot air balloons featured in the video.

I am not at all surprised that the song hss received such an overwhelming response and the boys truly deserve it, because they will definitely revive the current music scene, which has been missing the touch of such classic artists. I am looking forward to hearing more from Westlife this year!

Jem Girl at the Piano gives Hello My Love by Westlife 3.5/5

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