New Music Monday: Hello My Love Acoustic version by Westlife

The new year has started on a great note music wise, as the reunion of Irish boyband Westlife, also saw them release a brand new single called Hello My Love after almost 10 years.

With the single has been performing well since it’s release, the band recently treated fans with a special acoustic version of the song. This kind of double release of one song is rare in today’s music scene, and so it’s no surprise, that the release of the acoustic version also boosted sales of the original song.

Naturally, the acoustic version has a much slower tempo with quieter musical arrangements, which allows the listener to fully engage with and hear the boys singing, much more clearly. The acoustic version truly captures the beauty, purity and essence of the song even better than the original.

While I am thrilled that all 4 are singing in the song, I do feel that it is Mark who carries the acoustic version so wonderfully, with his soulful voice and clarity of emotions in his voice.

Hello My Love is a beautiful song which has been written by Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran. It has become my first favourite song of 2019 and I really do hope that we get to hear more new music from Westlife later on in the year.

Jem Girl at the Piano gives 4/5 to the acoustic version of Hello My Love.

Listen to the acoustic version of Hello My Love by Westlife on Spotify:

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