New Music Monday: Raise a Man by Alicia Keys

On the weekend, and purely by chance, I found out that one of my favourite female artists Alicia Keys, has released a new single titled Raise A Man.

I had heard about her recent amazing performance at the Grammys (its on my to watch list) but didn’t know that she had released a new single. I last heard and loved Girl on Fire back in 2015, and I am pretty sure that she hasn’t released any new material since then.

I was firstly, very intrigued by the title of Raise a Man as it gives feminist and empowering vibes, but when I listened to the lyrics of the song, it made it clear that it was all about a man understanding how a woman feels and if he does, then he has been “raised to be a man”.

As a pianist myself, I naturally loved the piano intro, interludes and the continous piano in the background of the song which sounds a lot like smooth jazz. Alicia’s vocals are expressive as always and she has sung with a lot of feeling. The track is very easy to listen to and definitely stays with you after the first listen.

Enjoy this weeks new music Monday Raise a Man by Alicia Keys:

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