Favourite Golden Oldie: What About Now – Westlife

Ever since the reunion, and the release of their brand new single Hello My Love, I have been re-listening to my Westlife collection and have fallen back in love with quite a few old favourites, including the epic power ballad What About Now.

As I write this article, I got to hear the song on the radio (Magic fm) and I instantly put the volume up. While the song no doubt sounds like a fully fledged, mature Westlife song, I recently discovered that the song is indeed a cover as the original belongs to the artist Daughtry, who I must commend for composing such a powerful and meaningful ballad.

What About Now

On the face of it, What About Now talks about saving a relationship that is potentially falling apart this broken heart can still survive with the touch of your grace… and has been beautifully executed through Shane and Mark’s ever emotive vocals, with some strong piano interludes at the beginning and throughout the song, it truly leaves a lasting impression on you, which is why I have chosen it to be this month’s favourite golden song. The accompanying video is also a sheer work of art, as the boys risked being in some rather dangerous conditions, as they filmed the video in Iceland.

Enjoy What About Now from the Where We Are album by Westlife:

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