Music Diary: What I am currently listening to

I recently had a brainwave and I realised that I should create a regular music diary, sharing and updating you all on my current music favourites. While I am very particular in my music tastes, and so I might not discover new songs every week or month, I will surely share my favourites as and when they appear.

I also tend to listen to a lot of classic hits and will sometimes rediscover some favourites from there, and these shall also feature in my music diary, as cannot include them all in my monthly favourites!

My current favourite playlists:

*Westlife (20 songs) since the reunion of my favourite boyband, I have been listening to this particular playlist on repeat, for almost a month now. It not only includes my favourite hits of theirs, but also their new release Hello My Love. I will be re-creating this playlist at my Spotify, and so will update this post with the link once it has been created.

*Madonna (18 songs) my idol and the ultimate Queen of Pop, I created a playlist of my favourite Madonna songs at the end of last year, after I re-obsessed over Open Your Heart. Her music is truly timeless. Will also be re-creating this playlist at my Spotify.

New favourites from 2019

*Hello My Love – Westlife
*Raise A Man – Alicia Keys
*Candlelight – Jack Savoretti

*Singing to Strangers – Jack Savoretti (the full album)

Singing to Strangers album cover

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to find out about singer and musician Jack Savoretti and I am truly in despair that I haven’t been able to be his fan since the beginning, because he truly is my kind of artist! I listened to his brand new album Singing to Strangers last Sunday evening, and after hearing the first 5-6 tracks, I immediately purchased the album (via Amazon Music and this very rarely happens to me), and naturally the album has been on repeat mode ever since! Jack has such an amazing, raw, completely emotive voice, and superb song writing skills and he has impressed me greatly – such a dedicated artist is very rare to find these days! I will be reviewing his album here very soon, but for now, enjoy the first single from the album, the cinematic and very romantic Candlelight. If you decide to listen to anything from this music diary, let it be this song.

Candlelight – Jack Savoretti

I am looking forward to hearing the next Westlife single, and enjoying the album promotions for Singing to Strangers. This year has started of on a melodious note and I can only hope it will continue!

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