New Music Monday: Better Man the second single from Westlife

After creating much hype around their next single, my favourite boyband Westlife, released Better Man on Friday of last week. This is their second single from their untitled album, and the song (like their last release) has also been written by Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran.

There was noticeably much more excitement from the boys for their second single, as they started releasing teasers of the audio and video mid-week. The video released at the end of the day on Friday, and shows the boys performing the song in the recording studio, with the storyline of the song being played out by actors, alongside their performance.

Better Man is without a doubt, a thorough Westlife ballad and shows just how well Ed has understood Westlife’s sound. It will take me a little longer to like this release, purely because I love the overall vibe of Hello My Love so much more. Both songs, however, have the air of maturity in their lyrics and this tells us that Westlife’s music has definitely matured over the last eight years. It is still a beautiful ballad expressing the feelings of a man who only wants to live up the expectations of his partner. I love the fact that all members of the group sing on the track like their last release, as it makes their sound very refreshing to listen to. I know how hard the boys are working on their new music, and I couldn’t be happier to hear all of these releases!

Enjoy the second release from Westlife which is this weeks New Music Monday!

Better Man – Westlife

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