Favourite Golden Oldie: Back Where I Belong/Jack in a Box by Jack Savoretti

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that when I discover an artist who becomes a firm favourite, I will naturally listen to and obsess over all of their work. The artist who I have most recently fallen in love with is none other than British singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti.

After reviewing his latest sixth, number 1 silver album Singing to Strangers, I decided to listen to the rest of his work and have naturally discovered many more favourites including songs which I had previously heard, but hadn’t then realised, that they belonged to Jack (major facepalm) ! These songs will feature as favourites over the coming months.

Even though I have been enjoying Jack’s first album Between the Minds, I recently stumbled across Jack in a Box, and it has become a very firm favourite ever since! I purchased the track via Amazon Music (my new favourite place to buy Music) and I am very convinced that I have heard the song before. I was equally pleasantly surprised to learn that the song is a reborn version of Back Where I Belong which is a much more upbeat version, while Jack In a Box is smoother and has more jazz vibes.

I think it is a very clever play on words including Jack’s name, for the title of the second version to be called Jack in a Box. I have loved Jack’s live performances of the songs too, and there is something about the song that just makes it flow from start to finish. The smoothness of the guitar and the strings and Jack’s husky, light vocals just make this a dream song.

Enjoy this month’s favourite golden song which is essentially one song but two versions from the amazingly talented and humble artist Jack Savoretti:

Back Where I Belong

Jack in a Box – Sweet Hurt

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