New Music Monday: Two new versions of Better Man by Westlife

I recently discovered that Westlife have released two new versions of their latest single Better Man and both can be streamed via Spotify.

They have released an acoustic version of the song (same as their first single Hello My Love), but they have subsequently released an orchestral version of Better Man too, whereas Hello My Love had a remix version.

As an original Westlife fan since the 1990’s, I find this new trend of releasing multiple, different versions of one song, very intriguing as I am quite sure, they did not do this before. They used to have a B-side single release instead, which would be a new song that would not feature on the album. While their second single from their forthcoming album Spectrum hasn’t grabbed my attention as much as the first, I am quite baffled by the two additional versions of the song, especially when there are no noticeable/major differences in them. As Better Man is a traditional Westlife ballad, I personally feel that it would have made more sense to have released only the orchestral version, as there really is no need for an acoustic version of a ballad which naturally has a lighter sound. The reason why an acoustic version of Hello My Love worked, is because the original song is very uptempo, dance like number.

Listen to both versions of Better Man below and let me know you feel the same or are happy with both versions.

Better Man – Acoustic

Better Man – Orchestral

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