New Music Monday: Things I Thought I’d Never Do live performance by Jack Savoretti at Annabel’s

As Jack Savoretti is my artist of the month, this week’s new music Monday features 2 more of his recent uploads: a stunning, live performance of the truest ballad of forgiveness Things I Thought I’d Never Do from Singing to Strangers, and then behind the scenes footage of the making of the number one album.

Things I Thought I’d Never Do live at Annabel’s

During his Singing to Strangers tour, Jack has been releasing a series of his performances from Annabel’s and the latest one he has released, is my favourite ballad from the album, Things I Thought I’d Never Do. Ever since I have been on this amazing journey of listening to and enjoying Jack’s music, one thing I have noticed is that I love hearing Jack’s voice with either just a piano, or acoustic guitar. He doesn’t need a full accompaniment in every song to sound amazing, and this is what I love about him the most. Things I Thought I’d Never Do sees Jack sing a heartfelt song of forgiveness with a beautiful piano melody, in this performance it has been played by Nikolaj Torp and what an atmosphere they both create together! It is the second part of the song which touches the highest emotions, and this can be visibly seen on Jack’s face during this performance But I gotta screaming at the top of my lungs….baby I was wrong…so wrong… such sincereity in this song as a whole, and guaranteed goosebumps whenever you listen to it.

The Making of Singing to Strangers – a must watch, short documentary Part 1

Part 2

I had been hoping that there would be some sort of behind the scene footage from the making of Singing to Strangers and it looks like my prayers have been answered! Last week, Jack revealed the first part to the documentary and it is a real treat to see him and his band, and producer, hard at work in the prestigious music studio in Rome, creating this number 1 album. If you are a fan of Singing to Strangers as much as I am, then this music documentary is a must watch!

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