Favourite Golden Oldie: Whiskey Tango by Jack Savoretti

This month’s golden oldie song, is another gem from my Artist of the Month (for May), Jack Savoretti. I know we are in June already, but as I have been listening to and enjoying this man’s incredible music since the past three months, I feel it is only fair for me to continue sharing my favourite songs by him, and Whiskey Tango is definitely one of them, which is from the album Sleep no More.

Jack Savoretti: Anticipation by Alison Goldfrapp commissioned by American Express to celebrate Summer Series at Somerset House. Picture: Alison Goldfrapp

On the outset, Whiskey Tango sounds like a happy summer song, yet has a darkness to its lyrics, as the song talks of a lover who is trying his best to fix his relationship back together “…trying to make it better but I just can’t make it right…”. The composition of the song makes it flow from start to finish, and the breaks in the melodies also give the song a special touch.

You would be forgive for mistaking Whiskey Tango to be a song from the 80’s as it has that kind of pop vibe which makes it very likeable, listenable, and definitely one of those songs you would want to listen to on a loop. Jack’s vocals have a very different texture in this song too, and that is also another reason why I love it so much. It is just your perfect romantic, summer song.

Enjoy this months favourite Golden Oldie song Whiskey Tango as well as the acoustic version of the song, where Jack performs with his guitarist Pedro Vito and musical director Nikolaj Torp.

Whiskey Tango – Sleep no More

Whiskey Tango – Acoustic version:

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