New Music Monday: Dynamite by Westlife

New music Monday is back with the latest release from Westlife which is Dynamite, the third single to release from their forthcoming album Spectrum.

Dynamite is yet another awesome Westlife and Ed Sheeran collaboration and is of course, a romantic themed song, not as upbeat as Hello My Love considering the title, but equally as romantic. The song features Shane and Mark primarily on the vocals along with Nicky and Kian, and just when you thought they had forgotten about it, right before the song is about to end, comes the infamous key change that features in nearly all of Westlife’s songs.

The hookline melody of Dynamite is very catchy and once again, I am impressed with how well Ed has understood their previous work as this song also matches that, while still sounding very modern and very 2019. I also found the lyrics to be much better quality (and love the mention of the colours which ties in nicely with the album title) than in Better Man which unfortunately had me cringing in some parts of the song.

I am looking forward to listening to the album Spectrum, as a whole, when it releases in Autumn this year. Westlife are currently on their sell out Stadium tour so do catch them performing at a Stadium or see the concert at a cinema, near you!

Dynamite – Westlife

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