Favourite Golden Oldie: Ocean Drive by Lighthouse Family

One of the best things that has happened in the world of Music recently, is the reformation of various artists who were with us during the 1990’s. We have had bands like Westlife, Spice Girls reunite and now the duo of the Lighthouse Family Paul Tucker and Tunde Baiyewu have come back together and have recently released their brand new album Blue Sky in my Head.

While I am yet to listen to their new album (I am looking forward to listening to it), I am thrilled with their return as I consider their songs Lifted, High and Ocean Drive as staples of my music childhood and this is why I have chosen to share Ocean Drive as this month’s favourite golden oldie song.

Ocean Drive – Lighthouse Family

The overall sound and vibe of Lighthouse Family, is a true representation of easy listening music. Tunde’s light, breezy and emotive vocals carry each of their songs and Ocean Drive is no different. It always fascinates me as to how a song can make you feel happy with how it sounds, yet if you pay attention to its lyrics, you will find a hint of darkness in them. Ocean Drive is a reflection of this combination, as the lyrics talk about someone who is trying to find their new path from a previous relationship “He left you black and blue without a word of hesitation, and he took your love for granted and left you high and dry…” but the song has a positive ending and hope of a new beginning as the lyrics continue “you’ll wonder what you see in him anyway…when the clouds arrive we’ll live on Ocean Drive…”

I guarantee you will definitely take a trip down melody and memory lane, once you listen to the melodious Ocean Drive. I hope you all enjoy this month’s favourite golden oldie song.

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