New Music Monday: Batuka Madame X by Madonna and Dynamite Midnight Mix from Westlife

This week’s New Music Monday features the latest release from Madonna Batuka, taken from her latest album Madame X as well as the midnight mix of Dynamite from Westlife.

Batuka – Madame X from Madonna

Right at the beginning of the music video for Batuka, it states that “Batuque is a style of music created by women that originated in Cape Verde, some say the birth place of the slave trade.” This very quote itself, sets the entire scene of the song and the meaning behind it. It’s lyrics fully empower and embrace the struggles these women have been through. They couldn’t have had a better music icon than Madonna to create this song for them, and I know that I will listen to it whenever I want to feel lifted and empowered.

Those expecting to hear Madonna’s original style of music maybe disappointed with this track as it is more about sending a message across, rather than the actual music and we all know that music is the most powerful medium when it comes to sending messages.

Dynamite Midnight Mix from Westlife

Adding remixes to their forthcoming album Spectrum, is something rather new from Westlife. While I am not a huge fan of remixes (I will always prefer to listen to the original version of a song), I have been plesantly surprised by all of the remixes they have released so far as I do like them all, including the latest midnight mix of Dynamite. The main reason for liking the remixes, is the fact that they are not distorting the sound of the original song, nor are they adding anything “unreal” to it. They are keeping the sound of the original song intact yet bringing a different perspective on the song itself. The Dynamite Midnight Mix has kept its tempo true to the original and has highlighted the vocals of each band member very well (especially the vocals of Kian and Nicky). Love this version of Dynamite, it will take you by surprise!

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