New Music Monday: Greatest Mistake by Jack Savoretti and Thinking of You by Simply Red

I am so very excited for this week’s New Music Monday as it features music from two of my utmost favourite artists Simply Red and Jack Savoretti.

Jack Savoretti has embarked on his Singing to Strangers tour this year, and while he is currently on a break, his tour will resume in Autumn until the rest of the year. If you are considering attending one of his shows (which you really should be!), you might enjoy reading my concert review of seeing Jack perform earlier in the year at Wembley Arena. After the release of the summer anthem Youth and Love from the Singing to Strangers album (a newer version of the song featured additional vocals from Italian artist Mika), Jack has now released a brand new version of Greatest Mistake.

Greatest Mistake is not only one of my favourite songs from the album, but is also a song from Jack dedicated to his family and loved ones, in which he truly expresses his feelings for them My Greatest Mistake, is that I never let it show, these feelings I feel, for God I hope you know how much I love you… it is such a beautiful song and I couldn’t be happier that we are hearing a song like this in 2019, especially when many other songs are devoid of such emotion. The new version has been classed as an Edit which I presume is to cater for radio, as the original version of Greatest Mistake is 5 minutes with the new version being whittled down to just 3.40mins. There have also been some extra beats added giving a more orchestral vibe, and the edit has been done extremely well, being careful not to remove any important aspects from the original song although saying that, the tubular bells have not been included at the end which does make me a little bit sad. Jack is due to perform on the second day of Proms in the Park in September and I have a very strong feeling that the edited version of Greatest Mistake will be performed. Listen to both versions below and let me know your favourite:

Greatest Mistake – original

Greatest Mistake – edit

The second release for New Music Monday is the brand new single from Simply Red called Thinking of You. Simply Red have been my favourite band ever since the late 80s/90s yet as I was not fully aware of their plan to make new music, this release has truly come as a very pleasant surprise!

Thinking of You is completely and utterly within the Simply Red genre, and reminds me very much of the upbeat number Something Got Me Started. Thinking of You is very much a soul/funk style song, reminiscent of the Motown era and one cannot mistake the energy and flawlessness of Mick Hucknall’s amazing voice, which only keeps sounding better and better! A high energy song, it really does leave you in a good mood and I really like the lyrics too. The song will feature on their brand new album Blue Eyed Soul which releases on 8th November. Let me know your thoughts about this new release and I hope you all enjoy this weeks New Music Monday!

Thinking of You – Simply Red

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