Favourite Golden Oldie: Deep Waters by Jack Savoretti

This months favourite golden oldie song is another favourite of mine from singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti. I am still enjoying his music (6 wonderful albums and 6 months since discovering him, later) and I have discovered yet another favourite which is the haunting Deep Waters from the album Sleep no More.

I love everything about this song: right from the haunting guitar melody, Jack’s positive yet emotive vocals and the way the song describes the often troubled times of relationships “At the risk of losing you, I keep doing what I do…never stop pushing through these Deep Waters…”

I am sharing three versions of this song below, the original, acoustic and a live performance in which you can see the emotions behind the song even more clearly. Watching Jack perform live is always a treat but what I love about his live performances the most, is his sheer dedication and pure sincerity he gives to each of them, regardless of how many times he may have performed the song, he always sings like its his first time.

Let me know which version of Deep Waters is your favourite!

Original version:

Acoustic version:

Live performance:

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