Product Review: KitSound music accessories

As someone who loves listening to music 24/7, I am always looking to invest in the right kind of music accessories that support my listening activities. At the end of last year, I discovered the wonderful UK brand KitSound. Since discoverg them, I have purchased three of their products: a mini portable speaker wireless headphones and more recently their DAB alarm clock. This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to give my honest review of the three products that I have purchased from the brand so far, as I genuinely love all three of them.

Wireless headphones and Bluetooth speaker

KitSound Pocket Hive Universal Wireless Bluetooth and NFC Portable Speaker

This tiny bluetooth speaker, has been a revolutionary discovery for me. As someone who is not keen on smart speakers, the fact that this is only a bluetooth speaker, which once connected to your music device will play your music, is truly music to my ears. I have listed the positives for this speaker below:


*easy to use

*easy to connect to any device

*excellent sound quality

*good battery life

I connect the speaker to my iPod/iTouch and it works seamlessly with both of them. It can be, of course, connected with any device that has bluetooth. I bought my speaker from Robert Dyas, however they are also available via the KitSound website and Amazon. It flashes blue when switched on and will flash red when it needs charging. I highly recommend this bluetooth speaker and KitSound have newer versions available too.

KitSound Ribbons In-Ear Earphones

My next purchase from KitSound is their pink ribbon wireless headphones. As I commute on public transport during the week, I had been contemplating upgrading my wired headphones for some wireless ones. So far, I haven’t been disappointed with these at all, and have been using them roughly since the past 2 months. I charge them twice a week and they too, connect seamlessly with my iPod. I have listed the positives for the headphones below:

*Durable, lightweight, comfortable

*Easy to connect without any voice over inteference

*Magnetic headphones

*Very affordable price – £19.99

*Choice of 3 colours

The battery of the headphones lasts up to 7 hours, and as I tend to only use them for commuting, I find that I only have to charge them twice a week. The sound quality is excellent as I find I rarely have to keep the volume higher and when the battery is running low, it will give you a beep to let you know. I am most impressed with these wireless headphones.

DAB alarm clock

KitSound Cube Alarm clock – DAB and FM radio

My most recent purchase from KitSound is their DAB alarm clock. The story behind this purchase, is that I was using a travel alarm clock to wake me up every morning, and it was, unfortunately, one of the most scary/irritating beep sounds you could possibly hear, first thing in the morning and so I knew it had to go. Since upgrading my alarm clock, I wake up with ease and a shock free feeling, as the gentle sound of Magic radio comes on.

The KitSound alarm clock is incredibly easy to set up and use. It comes with 2 options of either being plugged in from the mains, or being battery operated. Here are some of the features listed below:

*2 alarm options so you don’t have to keep changing the time when your schedule changes

*set the alarm to the radio or to a soft buzzer

*wide range of DAB stations

*Backlight stays on during standby mode

*cute box cube shape and also fairly light in weight

So there you have it, my review of the latest 3 products that I have purchased from KitSound UK which has now become a brand that I highly recommend to any music lovers. I would love to know if you would be interested in purchasing any of them too. Happy listening!

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