New Music Monday: Youth and Love by Jack Savoretti ft MIKA ft David Bradley

Well, there’s a headline I didn’t think I would be writing! While the latest release from my favourite artist discovery of 2019, Jack Savoretti is Greatest Mistake, Jack has recently released the music video to his collaboration with international artist Mika, Youth and Love. Popular and celebrated actor David Bradley features in this music video.

Youth and Love (original)

The track Youth and Love originally features on Jack’s gold, number one UK album Singing to Strangers and is definitely a song of the summer. More recently Jack revealed that he had collaborated with singer Mika who turns the collab onto a french affair, which you can listen to below.

Now the music video features an energetic 77 year old, actor David Bradley, re-living his youth, while dancing to the song randomly in an empty cafe. While this video is very much unlike any of Jack’s other videos, the point of the song has been conveyed so well, and David does a fantastic job of dancing along to it, and enacting the lyrics (see the part where he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror). While naturally, like many other Savoretti fans, I wish that Jack had made an appearance in the video, nonetheless, it still left a big smile on my face after watching it. Youth and Love is a happy, upbeat, funky track and is quite possibly the high point on the Singing to Strangers album. Which version of the song is your favourite? Do let me know as you enjoy this week’s new music Monday!

Youth and Love music video

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