New single Equaliza from Angus Munro out on 8th November

“This is therapy rock!” wrote Gavin Docherty in the Scottish Daily Express. He was reviewing the track Equaliza on Angus Munro’s debut EP Mirror Man, now the third single release by the Scottish based chamber pop-star.

Like many other young people dealing with mental health issues Angus spoke of his experience: “When I was diagnosed with severe depression by my therapist, I was given a list of tasks and roles to tackle in order to overcome it. Exercises, repetitive writing analysis and meditation alongside many others were a chore to undertake. I would get more frustrated with the lack of results I seemed to not be generating. Around this time, I was also going through a rough break up of a relationship.

“It was only when I was prescribed antidepressants that I felt myself balance out and see things more clearly. This was a revelation to me and a real turning point on the road to good mental health. However, taking a pill for a toxic relationship was something that remained a fantasy. Likening my dependency for medication to that of being with the person I felt I needed the most led to Equaliza being formed. A tragic love-song lamenting the necessity of antidepressants to that of the need to be with the person I loved.

Equaliza, to me is one of my most personal songs and despite the difficult time-period in which it was written, it remains a time-capsule of the man I once was, and a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

Angus Munro

About Angus Munro:

Angus Munro was born in Sidcup, in 1987 to an Italian father and Scottish mother.  He describes himself as the thorn between his two beautiful sisters.

By the age of 3 Angus developed Glue Ear which caused deafness which impacted his development.  He says he lost his ability to walk, talk and communicate.  It put him back by about two years at which point he was diagnosed with Dyspraxia a developmental, coordination disorder.

His early education was reinforced with additional support with his mobility, communication and learning skills which he credits with helping him keep up with his peers.

Although, during this time, he recalls being an isolated child, it was also a period when he discovered two passions: puppets and cartoons.  He would stage shows for his sisters and friends and would affect very high voices for his characters. Angus attributes this ‘vigorous vocal muscular training’ to being able to sing falsetto. He now enjoys a five octave range which puts him in league with Mariah Carey.

Angus overcame his relentless bullying by immersing himself in music and writing.  By the age of 24, Angus was a student in Scotland and in addition faced numerous personal challenges which included the loss of his ‘best friend as his father committed suicide.

Diagnosed with depression Angus found an outlet through writing songs at the piano and singing.  

Open mic nights, stand up evening and workshops provided a means through which he could relate and understand his experiences. Angus adds ‘over the years, I learned that the person I would affect onstage was my real self.  I became more confident in not only who I was but talking about mental health as a whole’.  

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