New Music Monday: My Blood from Westlife

This week’s New Music Monday features my review of the brand new single from Westlife, My Blood. This single is the fourth release from their soon to be released album Spectrum and has also been written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac.

The song opens with Shane’s recogniseable vocals, although I feel he has sung in a slightly different style then his normal. Mark gets to sing the second verse of the song and does a wonderful job as always. My only main criticism with the song, is that as it is dedicated to their children, I feel it should have been longer than just 3 minutes and Nicky and Kian should also have been given a few lines to sing.

The melody and lyrics are beautiful and make the song a complete family song, which is well represented in the video, as we get to see the second generation of Westlife! 3 of the boys children feature in the video with an extra bonus clip of Mark with his little girl right at the end. It is definitely the most heart warming video from the band, since their reunion.

Whenever I listen to my Westlife playlist, I am always left feeling warm and fuzzy inside, and My Blood definitely continues this tradition, as it is very much a Westlife song yet still sounds modern. The simple piano melody stands out well against Shane and Marks emotive vocals as they sing for their families. I truly cannot wait to hear the full album of Spectrum which is set to release next month.

Enjoy the audio and video of this week’s New Music Monday below:

My Blood – Spectrum by Westlife

My Blood – official video

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