Favourite Golden Oldie: I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

On the 21st of each month, I share and talk about one of my favourite classic songs. These are songs that I have loved listening to whilst growing up, or songs that have made a lasting impact on me. This month is the same although with a twist, as I am sharing a favourite song of mine, that is linked to a film soundtrack.

I do have Magic radio station to thank for this, as whenever I have been listening to them in the evening, they tend to play I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston taken from Bodyguard the movie. I remember watching the film way back when, and it was always I Will Always Love You that tended to overshadow the rest of the songs and yet everytime I hear I Have Nothing, Whitney’s voice literally stops me in my tracks and my full attention is on the song.

Whitney is of course a powerhouse of talent and her loss is irreplaceable. I love the amazing strength and power with which she sings this soulful ballad. The song goes higher in octaves and yet Whitney still manages to hold even more power in her voice. The way she commands the song is truly commendable.

Bodyguard will always be one of those films that also has a classic soundtrack. Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing a few more of my favourite songs which are from movie soundtracks so stay tuned to see which ones they are!

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing taken from the Bodyguard soundtrack

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