Music review: Spectrum by Westlife

Spectrum album cover


Hello My Love
Better Man
My Blood
One Last Time
Take me There
Without You
Another Life

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I have been building up to this very day at my blog, with many Westlife related posts and now I couldn’t be happier to present my music review of their brand new album Spectrum.

There are 11 tracks on the album and they have been co-written by Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran. Having recently watched an Ed Sheeran documentary (which aired on channel 5 in the UK), one thing that definitely came across from Spectrum, is that this album is almost like what would happen when Westlife meet Ed Sheeran, especially as when it comes to the second half of the album (from Dance onwards; how much does L.O.V.E remind you of Shape of You?!), I personally think it sounds more like Ed than Westlife. I am, however, not at all disappointed by this, as this was a very smart move for Westlife, as they are able to keep the essence of their music (songs that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside), whilst keeping it sounding fresh and modern.

There is a real variety in terms of genres on the album, and I am thrilled that all members of the group get to lend their vocals to each of the songs on the album, when in past albums, Shane and Mark dominated majority of the vocals. I do believe that Spectrum will also appeal to the younger generation who will be listening to Westlife for the very first time.

My top 3 songs from Spectrum: Hello My Love (original and acoustic), Dynamite, Repair.

Jem Girl at the Piano gives Spectrum ⭐⭐⭐.5/5

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