New Music Monday: Christmas Morning by Jack Savoretti

This week’s New Music Monday features my review of the latest release from my artist discovery of 2019 Jack Savoretti.

Jack has released a Christmas song for the very first time and the song is called Christmas Morning. As he has explained at the Magic at Christmas concert, the story of the song is dedicated to his children and all children who enjoy Christmas time. He did forget to tell us just how emotional the song is for anyone who dearly loves their parents.

Christmas Morning is definitely one of those songs that leave you with a lump in your throat and I remember feeling like that the very first time I heard it. It has a beautiful lilting, melody and Jack sings with such emotion that carries the song until its end. I was fortunate enough to see Jack perform the song for the very first time at the Magic at Christmas concert in November.

The wonderful piano in the song, has of course been played by Nikolaj Torp Larsen and it certainly adds to the festive vibe. The animated accompanying music video released this week and I literally cried while watching it as the animation perfectly captured all of the emotions and one thing is very clear to me: this song needs to come with a warning!

Enjoy the audio and video for Christmas Morning below. It has been an incredible year for Jack and I wish him an amazing 2020 too!

Christmas Morning audio:

Christmas Morning video:

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