New Music Monday: Never Gonna Give You Up Pianoforte version Rick Astley

I hadn’t intended to post anything else this year, but this particular song kept growing on me so much so that I felt compelled to share it here, as it definitely needs to have more recognition. The song is the pianoforte version of singer Rick Astley’s super hit song Never Gonna Give You Up.

If like me, you are old enough to remember the original version of Never Gonna Give You Up, you will know that the song released during the 80’s and was a very romantic, upbeat (almost party) number. The brand new pianoforte version is, however, a much more laid back, mature version of the song yet somehow Rick’s vocals have managed to not just stay the same, but sound even better over time.

I first heard the song on the radio station Mellow Magic (Rick is actually a RJ on their official station) and I remember being completely blown away by how raw/unplugged/acoustic it sounded and just having the piano as its only accompaniment truly gives the song a brand new dimension as I never would have imagined a version of the song like this. The inclusion of the piano is what has made me fall in love with the song, all over again, 20 years later, plus Rick’s amazing vocals make it a perfect combination.

I personally feel that it is so very important that we continue to have romantic songs like this, as in today’s times, the world of relationships (both romantic and non-romantic) are ever-changing, and more often than not the real essence and meaning of relationships has been lost along the way. There is also something comforting seeing Rick perform this song with the same gusto and enthusiasm 20 years later. Really does put a smile on my face!

Enjoy the last New Music Monday of the year!

Never Gonna Give You Up Pianoforte version Audio:

Never Gonna Give You Up Pianoforte version Video:

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