Read all about Multi-platinum record producer and hit mix engineer BiG JooN

The one thing I love about social media, is how it has the ability to connect you with artists from all over the world.

I recently decided to open a dedicated twitter account for my blog (follow at jemgirlatpiano) and the first artist to connect with me there is multi-platinum record producer/hit mix engineer BiG JooN. Below, he tells his story of how he creates his song mixes and why…” to “Below, he tells his story of how he engineers artists’ songs and why.

“Before listeners judge the lyrics, melody or catchiness of a song, they judge the song and the artist by the sound quality. This first impression is EVERYTHING. I provide high-quality, creative mixes for artists that helps their music reach its highest sonic potential and gets the results they’ve dreamed of.

I also help every level of artist get great sounding recordings and money making opportunities using the knowledge and experience I have from decades in music production, the music industry and years of remote mixing.

These mixes were all done for artists I met right here on Twitter with almost all of them recording in their homes and sending their files to me thru email. A lot of them now have thousands of streams and fans, major label interest, tv and radio play, performances and much more on the way.”

To listen to BiG JooN’s work, you can visit his SoundCloud link and follow him at twitter @TheBiGJooN

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