New Music Monday: Until You’re Gone by Alexa Goddard

I couldn’t be happier for this week’s New Music Monday, as it features a song from an artist that I have had the pleasure of knowing via social media, for the last 9 years or so. The lady with the melodic and magical voice, Alexa Goddard is back with her brand new single Until You’re Gone.

I first discovered Alexa, around 2011 and I believe this was the time when lots of aspiring singers had taken to YouTube to share their talent and hopefully be recognised by it. I remember being in awe of Alexa’s voice and there is something about her vocals that will always remind me of iconic singer Mariah Carey.

Alexa, unfortunately, (and due to unforseen personal circumstances), had to step away from the limelight for a while but she has now returned to composing music and has released a brand new single called Until You’re Gone.

For those of you who have followed Alexa’s journey, you will know the meaning behind her new release. It is a poignant track which has a minimum acoustic sound and Alexa’s strong, emotive vocals. It is a beautiful song which definitely leaves a lasting impact on you, even after you have heard it.

You can listen to Until You’re Gone on Spotify and you can follow Alexa on social media. It will always be a pleasure to support such amazing home grown talent!


Lyric video:

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