Favourite Golden Oldie: Ray of Light album by Madonna

For this month’s favourite golden oldie, I have decided to celebrate Madonna’s recent residency at The London Palladium (for her Madame X tour), by revisiting her album Ray of Light, which surprisingly has been a recent discovery for me.

Ray of Light – Madonna

I have always loved the title track and Frozen from this album, but after hearing and loving Substitute of Love, Nothing Really Matters and The Power of Goodbye on Magic Chilled radio frequently, I decided to take the time to listen to the entire Ray of Light album and what a pleasant surprise it has been, as it truly is a fantastic, critically acclaimed album.

I don’t usually listen to techno/trance music, however when it is not too over the top, I always end up liking it and it is this very genre of music, that Madonna has used as the theme and backdrop for all of the songs on this album. She has successfully managed to weave this sound throughout the album, all the while giving each song its own identity.

Image credits: @Madonna at Instagram

A must listen:

I love each and every track on the album, however my top favourites are (in this order) Nothing Really Matters, Swim, Ray of Light, Frozen and Little Star. There are various topics that Madonna has explored in these songs, the main ones being motherhood (Little Star, Nothing Really Matters, Substitute for Love, Sky Fits Heaven), heartache (The Power of Goodbye, Frozen, To Have not to Hold, Mer-Girl) and I really do feel like the album is an open letter written from her heart, to her daughter Lourdes, to her fame and heartache. The only two tracks which don’t fit any of the above topics are Candy Perfume Girl and Shanti/Ashtangi – the latter which I love for her tribute to the Indian culture and sound.

Madonna will always always be my favourite female musician, icon, rebel heart, Queen of Pop. I love everything about her and all that she stands for.If you choose to revisit an older album this year, I highly recommend it being Ray of Light:

Ray of Light – Madonna

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