Songs with political messages

I have been meaning to write this article for a really long time but I kept putting it off as generally, I do not like mixing music with politics. However, when I keep listening to the songs that I have selected, they really do remind me how much the artist is trying to say about the current state of affairs in the country they live in/the world as it is.

The tracks that I have selected are from the artists Simply Red, Jack Savoretti and Angus Munro.

Simply Red
Wonderland – Stars

She’ll Have To Go – A New Flame

Notoriously known for his support of the Labour party/political views, it is no surprise that Simply Red and Mick Hucknall feature in this list. Both songs that I have selected, share these views on the conservative party and the way they have chosen to do things. She’ll Have To Go was famously written about Margaret Thatcher who was prime minister during the time the song released.

Jack Savoretti

Written in Scars – title track

Black Rain – Between the Minds

My artist discovery of 2019, the wonderful Jack Savoretti has also explained his political thoughts in these two songs. I think nearly everyone can identify with the lyrics of Written in Scars, which has lyrics like “we’ve been lied to by the liars…” and Black Rain which talks about a super power man who is only concerned with building his own house of cards (relate this to whichever leader you wish to!)

Angus Munro

All about Joe – Equinox sessions

Lastly, I have a song All about Joe from Angus Munro, which talks about an individual named Joe, who lives a stereotypical political life. If you are new to Angus, then you might also be interested in reading about him here as he is an artist and piano wrestler with a very bright future. Side note, do let me know if you can count for how many seconds Angus holds the note for near the end of the song.

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