Product Review: KitSound Wireless earbuds KS Funk 35

While I hadn’t been on the look out for a pair of wireless earbuds (and definitely not the Apple ones which are far too costly!), back in January this year, I ended up seeing on my Twitter feed, a tweet for the KitSound Wireless earbuds and I immediately thought I need these in my life! Not only are they life changing in the way that I now listen to music, but they also made me realise just how inconvenient wired headphones truly are.

Regular readers may know that this will now be the fourth product that I have purchased from the brand KitSound, previously owning their mini bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, DAB alarm clock and now these lovelies. I purchased mine from Amazon and received them in a speedy 48 hours, and at the very affordable price of £49.99. I chose the pink ones (because lets face it, pink, lilac and pastels is my aesthetic) and I am super impressed with them so far.

KS Funk 35 Wireless Earbuds

I mainly use them while working on my Android tablet. It is very easy to connect them to bluetooth – they switch on as soon as you plug them into your ear after which you can connect them to bluetooth. The sound quality is top notch, and they also boast of 24 hour charging (depending on your usage). My main concern was how comfortable they would feel and if I would be able to walk around while wearing them to which I can confirm, they are very comfy and I don’t feel like they will fall out of my ear. I do, however only use them when I am at home as I think I would definitely feel a little bit more cautious about using them during my daily commute.

They are available in black as well as pink, with I think blue to be the next colour that will be released (according to Amazon). I now don’t have to worry about the long wire cable while sitting on the sofa with my tablet, and I can be safe in the knowledge that they are being charged once back in the super cute, soft grip case.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable pair of wireless earbuds then I cannot recommend these enough to you. They are durable and great quality and I know will last me a really long time like their other KitSound products that I have purchased.

Disclaimer: This post is not an ad and the product mentioned hasn’t been gifted – it has been purchased entirely by myself. I have not been requested to review it, but have decided to share my opinion of it.

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