Favourite Golden Oldie song: Secret Smile by Semisonic

During December, I was able to spend some time going through my CD collection and I rediscovered one of the many CD singles that I had purchased, many moons ago (and most probably purchased from music store MVC, who remembers this store?!) and it was Secret Smile by Semisonic.

I remember I initially heard Secret Smile on the radio. I had no idea about the band or who they were or how many songs they had released, but I fell in love with this one and knew I had to purchase the single. Semisonic are an American alternative rock band formed in Minneapolis and has 3 members Dan Wilson, John Munson and Jacob Slichter. Dan is the vocalist of the band and for Secret Smile.

A simple melody with strong distorted harmonies, Secret Smile is a romantic song which will guaranteed make you feel better after you have heard it. It talks about a lover noticing how their partner only has a special smile for them, and how this very smile saves them from the madness of the world. Only the 90s had these kind of pure songs with such powerful underlying meaning. I hope you all enjoy this this month’s throwback song!

Secret Smile – Semisonic


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