Favourite Golden Oldie: A Lovely Day – Bill Withers

The music world lost a music legend recently and that was Mr Bill Withers. One of mine and my family’s favourite songs from Bill Withers is A Lovely Day. I personally feel that this particular song of his tends to get overlooked as people remember his other hits Ain’t No Sunshine and Lean on Me much more, and of course, with good reason too!

A Lovely Day is definitely one of the the most positive, uplifting songs you could hear and it will guarantee a smile on your face. Bill leaves his trademark on this song too as he holds the note on ‘day’ for a pretty long time (similar to the infamous ‘I know’ part in Ain’t No Sunshine). According to Wikipedia, the note is held for an amazing 18 seconds! The song has been written by Bill Withers and Skip Scarborough and originally released in 1977!

While it may not seem like we are having a lovely day right now, we will be having lovely days in the future once the world returns to a new normal. So until then, let’s enjoy the wonderful legacy of Bill Withers, rest in peace.

A Lovely Day

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