Musical Thoughts: Virtual Concerts

A short term solution or a new sustainable reality?

As the world has slowly but surely adapted to a big change in circumstances and way of living, the thought of being able to attend a music concert or a festival have been out of the question. With many upcoming concerts now being cancelled or rescheduled, concert organisers and artists have come together to find new ways to bring music to their audience.

As an avid live music fan, (I attended two concerts by myself last year), I have welcomed the invention of virtual concerts. Have I attended any of them? Only a couple of Instagram lives and I have been thinking why that is the case. Let’s take a look.

Firstly, I love the whole idea of going to a concert venue. Going to a concert itself is a happy event for me and right now, many of us are sadly not feeling that way. The build up of excitement as the concert date draws nearer, always gives me the opportunity to look forward to something. Even the rush of adrenaline that you get while purchasing a ticket (making sure that you obtain the best seating available), all of these feelings matter.

When you compare that to a virtual setting, where you are at least seated comfortably in your own home, the overall feeling doesn’t have the same effect. I often find myself to be more distracted at home which doesn’t allow me to fully enjoy the event. I do, however, prefer Instagram lives due to their flexibility and also the instant connection created with the artist (they can see who has joined as well as your comments). Plus you can view the concert the next day too, which is great if you have joined a bit later. It is definitely best to avoid any other form of communication whilst you are watching live concert, as replying to your messages is not an option.

I personally find there is a lot more pressure on the artist to keep a good flow of conversation going, throughout the virtual concert. They also lack that much-needed support from their band and might feel the scrutiny of their location that they have chosen. It really does let their fans see inside their world, that we otherwise would not see.

Virtual concerts really do have their pros and cons, and I still applaud all of the organisers in making these possible for us, as they do provide comfort during this strange time. Personally, I am waiting for the next real concert that I can attend, but for now, I will look forward to the next Instagram live, of my favourite artist.

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