The virtual concert to watch: Angus Munro

If there is one thing that has been keeping me going during this lockdown, it is looking forward to the fortnightly virtual concerts from musician Angus Munro.

Angus has featured in the blog a couple of times as he is a very talented artist as well as an amateur piano wrestler! Watching his hour long concerts, give you a real insight into his amazing vocals (of a higher range) and show you his versatility as a singer. Some of Angus’s original compositions include Mirror Man and Equalizer.

Last Friday Angus gave a wonderful live stream from 7-8pm, across both Facebook and Instagram where he performed a bunch of fan requests. He also very kindly gave me (and the blog!) a special shoutout which you can watch below (at 14 mins).

I don’t know many artists who are so generously giving a free fortnightly concert to their fans, to give them something to enjoy, during this time. Hope you all will enjoy Angus’s virtual concert below and if you do, you can join his next one on 5th June!

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