Favourite Song of the Month: Adore You by Harry Styles

This month’s song, has been a favourite of mine for quite sometime, since I discovered it on the radio. There are always songs that you either love straight away, or there are songs that take time to grow on you. This song is definitely in the former category, and is also my introduction to Harry Styles as a solo artist.

Adore You is definitely one of those songs that is catchy, intricate and leaves you feeling happy. The song has been sung with a lot of emotion, and whilst to the average listener, one would be mistaken for the song being a romantic, flirtatious one, but instead, when you watch the song’s accompanying music video, you realise its subject matter is a lot more detailed than that.

We don’t often come across songs that are a battle between romance vs lonliness vs acceptance, but Adore You is just that. Taken from Harry’s album Fine Line, enjoy the audio and full music video of the song below.

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