Favourite Song of the Month: Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

I was initially going to have Bruises by singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi as this month’s favourite song, but after seeing the immense popularity of his latest release Before You Go (especially in the US), I thought its only fitting to choose this one instead.

If you are familiar with new music, you will have heard of Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi who is a rising star on the music scene since 2017. He has raw, emotive vocals and his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent has received rave reviews and appreciation worldwide.

I have been a fan of Lewis for quite sometime, and just before the dramatic change of world events, I was contemplating buying tickets to see him perform at SSE Arena Wembley in March. Lewis mainly sings sad, heartbreak songs and Before You Go is just one of his recent hits.

Before You Go can be found on the extended version of the album and is based on the extremely sensitive subject of suicide. Lewis has managed to touch almost all kinds of feelings and emotions through his album, and its not surprising that the album is refusing to leave the charts, at a time when people are feeling all kinds of emotions.

Listen to Before You Go via Spotify below, as well a latest live orchestral performance of the song from Lewis’s home.

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