Favourite Song of the Month: Castles by Freya Ridings

I discovered this months favourite song around the same time as Adore You by Harry Styles. I genuinely didn’t think good pop music existed anymore, until I fell in love with both of these tracks.

Singer-songwriter Freya Ridings has been working her way into mainstream music since 2016. Castles was one of her debut singles, before releasing her self titled debut album. She released a couple of tracks before Castles, Lost Without You being the most well known of the releases.

Castles is an uptempo, quintessential pop song with catchy beats and a strong melody. While the music may sound happy, it is a sad song with lyrics that reflect on the ending of a relationship ‘and I hate that you’re gone and I hate that I don’t wanna let go…I’m gonna build castles from the rubble of your love…’

The repetitive nature of the chorus/melody help it to stand out against the current music scene, which generally doesn’t follow this pattern of songwriting these days. Freya has a unique strong, husky voice which also aids the songs popularity. In the music video, which has been shot in London, Freya is seen playing on a dismantled piano, which I think is a unique metaphor, relating to the songs lyrics.

If you enjoy listening to acoustic songs, I highly recommend checking out the acoustic version of Castles too.

Enjoy my favourite song of the month for September.


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