Favourite Song of the Month: Missing by Everything But The Girl

These days, I seem to be finding all of my forgotten favourite songs from the radio.

This month, I rediscovered the song Missing by 90s pop duo Everything But The Girl (EBTG). Duo’s were quite common in the 90s, and after hearing the Karen Ramirez cover their other hit Didn’t Know I was looking for love, when I heard Missing, I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten this artist.

Everything But The Girl comprise of lead singer Tracy Thorn and keyboardist Ben Watt. During my research into the duo, I discovered that they have a mammoth discography and have also achieved several awards for their work. I am pretty sure I know more of their songs.

Missing is a tale of emotional attachment to a relationship that has ended a long time ago ‘and I miss you…like the deserts miss the rain…’ and as rightful YouTube comments have pointed out, the song was written during a time where people were often untraceable as there was no social media around.

There are notably two versions of this song, the original and the remix (it was the remix that I heard and instantly recognized on the radio). I do prefer the remix version as it is a lot more catchier and provides a stronger sound.

Tracy has sung the song with so much emotion that it touches people’s hearts even in the most cruelest of years 2020. Its time to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy my favourite song of the month.

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