To The Moon and Back debut single from the group Maddison Skies

Who Are Maddison Skies?

Maddison Skies

A Light Amidst the Darkness

So far, 2020 hasn’t had many joyous moments, and yet through the darkness that Covid-19 brought to the world, we saw a nation bond through digital technology and social media platforms, bringing people together and staying connected, be it generations and miles apart, family, friends and strangers. Gracie May, Thea & Sophie, are no different on their own individual journeys.

15-year-old, Gracie-May, from Hertfordshire, Thea, from Rugby and Sophie, from Margate, three talented strangers, with a common love for music, auditioned through lock-down, and won their way to becoming the pop group Maddison Skies. Like a baby phoenix being reborn from the ashes, British girl group Maddison Skies have risen out of the 2020 pandemic and are set to bust into the light. From strangers on social media, they have actually only met once in person at Becks Studios in Wellingborough, where they recorded their first three tracks, other than that, including all vocal training and rehearsals, communication has been through zoom, face-time and text.

To The Moon and Back by Maddison Skies

Music, Fun & Friendship

Maddison Skies are a fresh pop group. Their music has its own messages to send; their fun and upbeat sound tells of friendship, happiness and has empowering messages for all ages. their songs are perfect for an everyday window- down sing-along. Gracie May, Thea and Sophie’s youth give them the understanding of just how powerful music can be.

Maddison Skies, like many other great female artists, such as Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, want their music to portray a good feeling and help find a shining light in this world. Yet, unlike these established artists, Maddison Skies’ girls are also in the midst of Mock Exams, but amongst the pressure of school work and the unprecedented times we’ve faced this year, Gracie-May, Thea and Sophie have formed an inseparable friendship and their Debut single To The Moon And Back, is set for a Christmas release 17 December. Buy the single here:

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