Favourite Songs of the Month: Golden by Harry Styles & Diamonds by Sam Smith

This month, I am combining my favourite song from last month, with my current favourite song (phew!), as I had chosen a classic song in November. I still wanted to include a current favourite which is Golden by Harry Styles, taken from the album Fine Line.

I have definitely been enjoying Harry’s album Fine Line and Golden is no exception. I particularly love the music video bcause every time I watch it, it leaves me feeling genuinely happy! We definitely need more music videos like that this year! Especially ones like this where there is no confusing storyline and the artist of the song remains in the forefront. The song itself is very upbeat, romantic and happy. If you haven’t heard it yet, do check it out below. You’ll surely see why Mr Harry Styles has become everyone’s favourite artist this year!

My next favourite track is Diamonds by the wonderful Sam Smith. I have always admired Sam’s work over the years (one of my favourites also being I’m Not The Only One) and Diamonds shows another versatile side to their vocals. A funky track, whch is laced with sadness, in its lyrics, has been a real treat to listen to this month. Enjoy Diamonds by Sam Smith:

Have you heard both of these tracks and are they your favourites too? Let me know with a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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