Establishing a mindful routine

During my own research into the subject of Mindfulness, one thing that I noticed was how often it can be overlooked that mindfulness can be practiced regularly and not just during a set day or time.

The beauty of mindfulness is that it allows us to practice it, at any given time (as long as we choose to remember), when we feel we are safe and even while we are performing our routine daily activities.

A common factor that we all experience while we perform our everyday activities such as brushing our teeth and combing our hair, is that we automatically go into auto-pilot mode as we are so accustomed to these activities. When this happens, our minds will naturally wander and so remove us from the present moment.

If we allow ourselves to train our minds to focus on our breathing, during these daily ritual activities, we will give ourselves a chance to remain in the present moment (easier said than done). This will take a lot of practice and perseverance to achieve but is definitely possible and will eventually become a mindful moment for us.

The main essence of mindfulness is to make friends with our thoughts rather than become consumed by them. Especially with regards to our current circumstances, with little else to focus our minds on, it is even more important to try and learn this.

Once we befriend our thoughts, we will be able to distinguish ourselves from the negative ones (that may arise when we feel low/bored), and we can be more grateful for the positive thoughts that we have.

All of this is a constant work in progress but with focus and determination we can do it. Choose a routine task that you know you can perform each day, without thinking. This could even be drinking a cup of tea! For the first day, observe your mind while doing the task. For the next day, try focusing on your breathing, keeping yourself anchored to the present moment. Monitor how you feel after doing so and you will surely feel the calming benefits.

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