Favourite Song of the Month: Words by the BeeGees

Over the Christmas holidays, Sky documentaries premiered the two hour BeeGees documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. As someone who has grown up listening and enjoying the music of the band, I recently watched the documentary and decided to dedicate this month’s favourite song to them.

I have so many favourite BeeGees songs, that it was incredibly difficult to choose only one of them for this month. I chose Words because it is one of my top favourites and has had some great covers too (Boyzone being one of them).


Where does one even begin when writing about the legacy of the BeeGees? I think we are all so extremely fortunate to still have Barry Gibb with us. Seeing his performance of Stayin’ Alive at Glastonbury a couple of years ago, truly showed just how far they have come (cannot bear to think how difficult performing on stage must be for Barry without his brothers).

I genuinely love their music when they were performers; Saturday Night Fever and when they became songwriters (my favourite of these being Immortality with Celine Dion).

There is a special version of Words which has recently released thanks to their new album Greenfields, and features Dolly Parton. Congratulations to Barry for the album reaching number 1 in the UK! Enjoy Words by the BeeGees below:

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