Product Review: WeSC wired headphones

As a music lover and pianist, I am always on the lookout for good quality music accessories. I made the switch to wireless headphones in 2019, but nothing beats a good comfortable pair of wired headphones.

Having previously only used Apple’s wired headphones (I listen to my music only on my iPod/iTouch because I am old school!), discovering headphones from the Swedish brand WeSC (We are the Superlative Company), has been a real treat.

WeSC wired headphones

While I am usually skeptical about trying headphones that have been created by a fashion brand and not an actual sound/music oriented company, I have been pleasantly surprised by these ones! The headphones have been kindly gifted to me, however this review reflects my honest opinion of them.

At a first look of the WeSC wired headphones, I was overjoyed to see that the headphones have a thin, flexible fabric wire and not a plastic one which I am sure makes them environmentally friendly and very comfortable to wear. The pair I chose are white, but they also come in black and cost around £17 (200 Swedish króna).

The earbuds themselves are also equally comfortable and sit well in the ear, without the need for too much adjustment. They also come with multiple ear bud sizes to suit your fit and level of comfort. There is one button on the wire which will allow you to stop and pause a song and if you press it twice, it will let you skip a song. Sadly, there is no button for volume control.

Having tested the headphones for a week, they have worked really well with both of my Apple devices (iPod and iTouch) and there are no issues to report, yay! As a pair of affordable headphones, I would say that these are definitely value for money and do not disappoint on quality. One thing to bear in mind though, is that these headphones are only compatible with devices that still have a headphones socket. You can see the visuals of these headphones in action, in the pictures below:

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