Single review: Fireworks by Maddison Skies

At the end of last year, Maddison Skies had released their first ever single titled To The Moon and Back. For three young girls who created and worked on the single, entirely virtually during lockdown, it was definitely a big achievement. Their first release for 2021 is their second single titled Fireworks.

Fireworks cover art

Maddison Skies comprises of Gracie May, Thea and Sophie. Fireworks definitely has an opposite sound to their debut single, which allows the girls to showcase another side to their vocals.

A peppy, upbeat track, Fireworks talks about the sparks that fly at the beginning of a relationship and the hope and joy it brings. The song is carried by the wonderful strong vocals of the group and you can tell each member definitely has their own part.

It might be too early on for me to say this, but from the harmonies in this particular track, the girls vocals definitely reminded me of Little Mix (especially their track Breakup Song).

A great start to 2021, and if you love listening to popular music, you will definitely enjoy Fireworks from Maddison Skies.

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