I Feel No Pain – The new single from electro-rock band Renovations

Multinational Electro-rock band Rénovations are releasing their 3rd single I Feel No Pain on 29th January 2021.

Renovations (Iona, Charlotte, Gian)

So far Rénovations have been described as a punchy trio [which has] beautiful energy that remembers the ‘90s.

I Feel No Pain takes a positive angle on the pandemic, in a way that reminds us to appreciate the outside world that keeps turning.

The track also refers to being asymptomatic and feeling healthy; while this is something that is typically taken for granted, in today’s contextit feels especially empowering.

Airy electro elements and an aggressive Prodigy approach meet Soundgardento round off the track’s saturated sound. A perfect circle vocal style and production carries the melody and finally the track ends on a guitar solo that nods to John Frusciante’s style.

Lastly, the single musically combines the essence of the band’s first two singles, taking the electronic influences from their debut single Renovations and the 90s Rock instrumental from their driving 2nd single La Radio. In February, Rénovations will be releasing a lyric video for I Feel No Pain, followed by their debut EP release in March.

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