Favourite Song of the Month: Beautiful Noise by Neil Diamond

Legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond recently celebrated his 80th birthday (24th January) . To celebrate, BBC Four played a series of programmes dedicated to Neil, including old concert footage at the BBC and his 2008 Glastonbury set. Having grown up listening to the unforgettable sound of Neil Diamond, I thought it would be only fitting to pay tribute to him and so my favourite song of the month is Beautiful Noise.

Beautiful Noise is taken from Neil’s album In My Lifetime. I have always been drawn to the song as I felt it has been cleverly written, as it’s about a singer describing the sounds (music) that he hears as a Beautiful Noise.

Beautiful Noise cover art

I have been lucky enough to see Neil perform live, during his Tennesee Moon tour in the late 90’s. It breaks my heart that he is now sadly suffering from Parkinson’s, but his music can and will never be forgotten.

Enjoy a performance of Beautiful Noise taken from the Hot August Night tour.

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